DocPoket Partners with Worldwide Veterinary Service!

DocPoket in collaboration with animal welfare charity Worldwide Veterinary Service has designed a special 'Pablo the Parrot' range to support the incredible work of the team at WVS!

WVS have been working tirelessly since 2003 to make a difference to animal welfare. Acting as a central veterinary resource, WVS offers free care to animals in need around the world by supplying teams of vets, medicines, and equipment.

They train international vets at their three International Training Centres across India and Thailand, run outreach projects across the world and, when it’s needed, send out emergency teams of vets and vet nurses to help animals during times of natural disasters and conflict. Last year WVS treated over 80,000 animals, trained over 650 vets, deployed teams of vets all over the world, and sent over 900 parcels of veterinary supplies.

Pablo the Parrot

For every item sold from the DocPoket parrot range, we will donate £2 to help support their work all over the world.

Why? Because every animal matters.

£2 could deworm 10 donkeys which will keep them fit and healthy.

£12 would send a 2kg parcel of lifesaving medication that could help hundreds of animals

£100 could pay for a brand new surgical kit for a veterinarian working out in the field on humane animal birth control

£250 can purchase specialist medication or equipment for a sanctuary caring for orphaned rescued wildlife

£2,500 would cover all the medication and supplies needed to sterilise 100 street dogs

For more information about WVS, visit

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